Sunday, December 2, 2007

"30 Days" Chapter Index

"30 Days" Chapter Index

This is the "blogvel" I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2007. Here it is presented in the "correct" order that it should be read in.
Comments/critiques are always welcome but keep in mind that this is a very rough first draft with only the most basic edits so far. I hope to repost an edited version at some point but don't hold your breath.

1 I am Really Freaked Out
2 I'm Almost Calm
3 Now I'm Beyond Freaked Out
4 Bad Night
5 Help Me...
6 Ellie is Driving Me Nuts
7 Things are Getting Insane
8 I've Got Family Issues
9 What the...
10 Carrie's Gambit
11 More Stuff Happens That I Can't Believe
12 In the Hospital
13 This Day has been "Swell"
14 I Don't Understand Ellie
15 I'm Lost
16 I'll Never Sleep Again
17 Maybe a Clue to All This
18 At the Warehouse
19 Ellie's Gone
20 I'm Blown Away
21 Finally a Relaxing Day
22 Carrie Finds some Crazy Stuff
23 Game On
24 Agent Ellie, Part One
25 Agent Ellie, Part Two
26 I'm Getting Sick of the Lies
27 Carrie Meets Ellie
28 Modern Interrogation
29 I'm Losing It
30 It's Gone from Worse to Worst
31 Wa the hels hapinin
32 From Ellie
33 Heart 2 Heart with Ellie
34 Carrie...Again...
35 Having it Out with Ellie
36 Shotgun Thanksgiving Part One
37 Shotgun Thanksgiving Part Two
38 Shotgun Thanksgiving Part Three
39 Shotgun Thanksgiving Part Four
40 Good News/Bad News
41 "Over"? Did you say, "Over"?
42 WTF Part One
43 WTF Part Two
44 WTF Part Three
45 Getting Back
46 So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

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