Sunday, December 16, 2007

12K's of Xmas PR RR

12K's of Xmas PR RR

This race starts in downtown Kirkland, WA, right near my office. The day was cloudy and cool, about 40 with a light wind. This is the one and only 12K of the year, and as usual they had a small sign at each K with a picture of each "day" of xmas on it.
Fashion report: (all nike) black long sleeve top, blue/gray shorts, visor, black gloves to start, NB 857, garmin 305.
This is a fairly hilly course, but since my office is literally on the course, I run these hills all the time. That didn't really help me today. I haven't felt well lately. I missed last week's 5K due to a kidney stone. I had to bail on Friday's 5.5 miler over a lot of the course at 4 miles when I just felt tired and had no strength whatsoever. Today I felt better but not 100%. My kid had a fever on Friday so I know something's going around.
So here's the breakdown:
  • 1 10:30 +99
  • 2 10:02 -56
  • 3 11:24 +148
  • 4 11:23 +91
  • 5 9:20 -213
  • 6 10:12 0
  • 7 10:06 -71
  • .5 4:46 -5

I don't think the elevations are all that accurate but you can get a general sense of how hilly it is.
The last couple miles I really tried to get down to 5K pace but I really didn't have much in me. I couldn't even get to 10K pace.

Final stats:
Current course record:
1:21:44 (10:57)
Current 10K PR pace: 9:57
New course record:
1:17:46 (10:25)
A ~4 minute PR and 32 seconds/mile faster

Well, that's the last race of the year. I've had 11 out of 14 races be PR's at that distance. (which I guess a PR for PR's)

overall place: 694 out of 939
division place: 71 out of 83
gender place: 297 out of 347
time: 1:17:35


  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to but in my abbreviation key:
    RR: Race Report
    PR: Personal Record
    mm: Minutes/mile

  2. K = Kilometer if that wasn't obvious :)

  3. I am cool on the metric stuff. Have to use it all the time here. It took some mental gymnastics on my part at first, but now I like it.


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