My Projects

  • "New America" Series, Books I, II, and III
    Written in college. Post-Apocalyptic future.
  • Wild Mary's Way
    Kind of a swords-and sorcery light fantasy.
  • Dawn's Rise I
    End-of-the-world disaster epic.
  • Android
    SF Short story
  • 30 Days: The Infinity Event
    SF Spy Thriller
  • 30 Days: The Singularity Matrix
    SF Spy Thriller
  • The Immortals (Partially completed)
    SF/Fantasy crossover
  • Steam Palace
    Alternate History Steampunk
  • Dead Air: An Archie Magnuson Mystery
    Contemporary Mystery
  • Girl World
    Futuristic Steampunk
  • Family History
    Fictionalized History

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