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Dead Air: An Archie Magnuson Mystery

They say that size doesn't matter.

Tell that to former homicide detective Maiselle Magnuson, who, at over 600lbs, cannot leave her bed. After a suspect attempts to kill her son, she must find some way to catch a murderer despite her disability.

"The Bed Detective" is my first attempt at a Mystery. It is told from the son's POV, sort of like a Watsonesque view of a brilliant Holmes.

56,937 Words

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You meet your Evil Twin...but who’s to say you aren’t the evil one?

In a world swimming in mechohorses and dirigible aivies, where the former New England colonies formed a British-style monarchy, a newborn twin is stolen. Sophia is raised in a noble house and provided every advantage, whilst her unknown sister Viola suffers crippling poverty. A score and three years later, when they first meet, Sophia is destitute, her family name and lands a victim of an unfortunate dispute with the King. Meanwhile, to Sophia’s horror, her doppelgänger Viola lives a rich, vile life off the profits of sin.  To restore her family name and ‘save’ her new-found sister from a ignominious fate, Sophia enters the dark world of the Steam Palace, a floating den of iniquity built upon a derelict barge. She must unite with wretched Viola to stop the steam-powered invaders and protect their families from the enemy’s extermination plans.

79754 Words for NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo 2008 Winner
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30 Days: The Singularity Matrix

Alex, Elena, and Carrie are back! This time, Carrie has commandeered a ship powered by the Singularity Matrix, a machine that can convert matter to pure energy. 

Alex has been a prisoner in a Chinese labor camp for almost a year...but it's no ordinary labor camp. It is a high-tech espionage camp where prisoners are forces to write software for a special weapon. When the software is finished, the order is given to liquidate the camp, Alex escapes with friend Misty. They sneak onto the ship, only become Carrie's prisoner. Can they stop Carrie's madness before she destroys the world?

70644 Words!

NaNoWriMo 2007 Winner
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30 Days: The Infinity Event

Everything seems find at Infinitae Corporation...until Building 4 explodes.

Computer programmer Alex Ross' girlfriend Elena is actually a Chinese super-agent sent to use Alex to infiltrate Infintae Corporation. Alex's boss Carrie also has a secret or two...she is using Infinitae to launch her mind-altering computer virus...and to get back at Alex who unwittingly almost cost Carrie her life years ago.

When Alex learns of Carrie's plan to destroy Infinitae, he must seek Elena's help to stop her.

63679 Words!
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