Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Author Report: John J. Nance

Author Report: John J. Nance

Today John J. Nance gave a talk at my office.
This guy is a great speaker. He's a pilot, a consultant for ABC, a lawyer, and the author of 18 books. He talked mostly about his latest book Orbit. It's the story about a space tourist who gets lost in orbit, and how the world comes together to save him. It sounded incredibly interesting.

I actually talked with him over lunch as well. He and his SO are working on creating a new publishing house, so I may send them my synopsis and see what they think. I'll try to find out more about it and make a separate post.

He talked a little about politics, the airline industry, the state of the military reserves, and the current state of the publishing industry. He is pretty opinionated but speaks in an entertaining and convincing way.

He said in his latest book, his focus was far more on characterization than on action for once. He said he's been under pressure to keep his books fast-paced and not waste words on dialog, but now he's decided that he's more interested in his characters. I like that attitude, and I think I should do some of the same things.


  1. I am an aspiring writer too...
    I am writing a novel on line (into my blog).

    I like so much yours!

    Take care (^_^)

  2. How lucky you are to be able to network with someone like that! Hardly anyone interesting ever makes to the ends of the earth where I reside. :-(

    Having a face to face encounter with a potential publisher is the best way to stay out of the slush pile. Do take advantage of it!!!

  3. Yeah it was weird to hear a guy blast the industry that he relies on. He wants to create the "You Tube of novels" which is a great idea but...

    I know my novel needs the input of a professional editor. I don't really want to self-publish necessarily...


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