Monday, November 5, 2007

What the...

What the...

I just got out of my meeting with Carrie. Once again I find myself confused and frightened.

Carrie's already there when I come in, working on her laptop. My guess is that she's been there for hours. I didn't get home 'til late last night. Traffic was terrible and we got a late start. I manage to get a latte on the way into the office but I'm still dead tired. The first thing out of Carrie's mouth wakes me right up.

"Hey Alex. I've got a question for you. Who was that woman in that SUV I saw coming up the road after I left? I've seen her before."

My mouth drops open. "Uhh...that's my sister-in-law Marcia. You've seen her? Where? When?"

Carrie looks at me. "I've...seen her here. I don't forget a face. I think she's one of the few people I've seen go into Building Four."

I look out the window. We have a direct view of B4 across the courtyard. The early morning mists partially obscure it, but I can see light behind most of the drawn shades.

"You've got to be kidding. She works for the government. I don't know why she'd be here."

Carrie stares at me for a while. "The government? What part? Remember what Benson said?"

I start feeling the walls close in a little. I shake my head. "Nah, that's ridiculous. I don't really care for here, but she's just some kind of foreign policy advisor."

"Well, you'll need to follow up on that. I've seen her here."

"OK, I'll see if my brother is coming downtown this week, maybe we can get dinner."

Carrie looks through some notes on her screen. "Looks like they found Benson's body. They're calling it an accident."

I have an idea. "Do you think he keeps notes anywhere? Like on a computer?"

Carrie nods. "If there's an investigation, they might seize that. We need to get ahold of it. I guess we know what we're doing tonight."

"Any more hits coming?"

"There are a couple names on the list but they're out of state. Listen, I have to run, but I think I know a way we can get working closer on this. Stay tuned." With that she closes the laptop and starts to leave the room.

I grab her arm as she reaches for the door. "Carrie. We've got to be careful. Don't do anything too obvious. We can't be sure we weren't seen at the cabin. And if Marcia is involved, then she saw you too."

Carrie nods. "Yeah. I gotta run."

What have we gotten into?

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