Friday, November 9, 2007

Pace Race 5K RR

I delayed posting this until I finished with the blogvel but I ran this on 11/5/2007/
RR: Race Report
PR: Personal Record
MM or pace: Minutes/mile

Well my string of consecutive PR's has finally been broken
I had six in a row since June, and overall I've had 9 out of 12 races be PR's this year.
But I have a good excuse this time. I ran an 11 mile long run yesterday. I was scheduled to run it today but I switched my schedule to accommodate this race. The Pace Race benefits Prostate Cancer Research, and my wife has lost several relatives to this disease. She and my son did the 1 mile walk and he also did the kids race. There were probably less than 200 in the 5K.
That long run yesterday was my second longest long run ever (not including my 3 HMs) so I was still a little tired and sore.

Fashion report: blue nike T under a blue REI long-sleeve tech shirt, blue nike shorts, NB 857, nike shade, garmin 305.

The weather was 50 and overcast but pretty humid. The wind was in my face for the last mile. The course is about 1/2 mile from my office so I run these streets all the time.

The first mile is all uphill, and I managed a 9:31 over a ~100 foot rise. The second mile is all downhill, and I had 8:50, which I think is a new 1-mile split record for me.
At this point I know I'm close to a PR pace of 9:14
The last mostly flat mile really killed me. I kept up my pace, but I just couldn't find any kind of kick near the end.
Last mile was 9:34 and the last .11 in 58 secs.

Current PR: 28:42
Today: 28:53

So I missed by only 11 secs which is actually a lot closer than I thought it would be. I just had nothing left at the end.

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