Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to my Bad Girl Blogfest!

The Bad Girl Blogfest

Bad Girl Blogfest

Okay. Maybe I’ve gone a little bit Bad Girl Crazy. After all, I’ve had a month to prepare. I present to you six of my baddest Bad Girls, ranging from one I created during the Summer of 1985 to one I created for last year’s NaNoWriMo in the order I created them. Don’t feel you have to read them all. For your convenience, I’ve created a summary of each one, so if one character is of particular interest, go ahead and check out her entry. But if you only have time for one, scroll down to the bottom and check out Viola from my current WIP Steam Palace. I will give special recognition to anyone who reads and comments on all six next week on this blog.

BTW, the girl on the left of the banner is Cassandra “Cassie” Hack from the Hack/Slash graphic novels, and the middle is Callisto from Xena: Warrior Princess. They are both very bad girls. Trust me.

I hope everyone had fun creating their entries for this Blogfest, and I’ll be checking out each and every one of them. Now here come the Bad Girls!


And then leave me lots of comments! :)

BIO – Alexandra

  • IJM_6998Large_thumbName: Alexandra Toykalelova
  • Novel: New America, Book One, Part One
  • Role: Ally, Love Interest
  • Created: 1985
  • Setting: 2015, Martian Empire
  • Aliases or Nicknames: Alex, A. Toy.
  • Nationality: Martian, previously Russian
  • Position: Major, Martian Imperial Army
  • Age: ~30
  • Synopsis: Alexandra is an ex-Russian super-spy with two special abilities. The first is emotional enhancement, where any attraction you feel to her is multiplied many-fold until she become irresistible. Second, she can heal like Clair Bennett on Heroes but over the course of weeks. She wants out of the futuristic KGB, but needs the help of an honest and reluctant enemy to sever her ties with the past.
  • Excerpt: Alexandra closed her eyes and stretched…READ MORE

BIO – Mary

  • wildmary1_thumbName: Mary of Archa
  • Novel: Wild Mary’s Way
  • Role: Main Character, Hero
  • Created: 1998
  • Setting: Future post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Aliases or Nicknames: Wild Mary; Mary, Warrior of Archa
  • Nationality: Citizen of Archa, Kingdom of Calph
  • Position: Warrior
  • Age: ~18
  • Synopsis: Wild Mary was brought up in a military academy by her father, and far surpassed his abilities by a young age. She holds her sword in her left hand, and refuses to fight with her right. A deep-seated anger runs through her veins, and woe be to anyone who crosses her path. But sometimes, in the heat of battle, a Weakness overcomes her, leaving her feeble and sick.
  • Excerpt: The sun shone grand, warming Mary’s naked limbs…READ MORE

BIO – Elena

  • agentellie_thumbName: Elena Galistina
  • Novel: 30 Days: The Infinity Event, The Singularity Matrix
  • Role: Ally, Love Interest
  • Created: 2007
  • Setting: Modern Day San Francisco
  • Aliases or Nicknames: Agent Ellie
  • Nationality: Dual Russian/Chinese Citizenship
  • Position: General in People’s Secret Army
  • Age: ~26
  • Synopsis: Elena (“Agent Ellie”) started her assassination career in a young age as a Russian immigrant to China. She turned upon her masters, and rose high in the ranks of the People’s Army secret service. Tiring of that life, she moved to San Francisco to take up simple corporate espionage where nothing is as simple as it appears.
  • Excerpt: Ellie surveys her prisoners in front of the cabin…READ MORE

BIO – Carrie

  • angrygirlshowingmiddlefinger_thumbName: Carrie Park
  • Novels: 30 Days: The Infinity Event, The Singularity Matrix
  • Role: Villain
  • Created: 2007
  • Setting: Modern Day San Francisco
  • Aliases or Nicknames: Shelly White
  • Nationality: American
  • Position: Director of Software Development, Infinitae Corporation
  • Age: ~25
  • Synopsis: After spending years in hospitals reconstructing her body after a devastating car crash, Carrie has changed her face, changed her name, and now plots revenge against the perpetrators of the wreck. Her stranglehold on the world’s financial system nearly brought down the economy and contributed heavily to the recent financial crisis.
  • Excerpt: Now to find Carrie. She’s going to pay…READ MORE

BIO – Amelia

  • airgoddess1_thumb3Name: Amelia (surname unknown)
  • Novel: The Immortals
  • Role: Supporting Character
  • Created: 2009
  • Setting: America 2400 to the year ~5300
  • Aliases or Nicknames: The Sky Goddess, Amy, Ames, Sky
  • Nationality: American
  • Position: Sky Goddess, one of the Twelve Immortals created by Death Angel
  • Age: yes (she doesn’t age…hence the “Immortal” tag)
  • Synopsis: REDACTED
  • Excerpt: REDACTED

BIO – Viola

  • Viola 1 Name: Viola Willimante
  • Novel: Steam Palace
  • Role: Ally, Mentor, Sidekick
  • Created: 2009
  • Setting: Alternate History New England, 1901
  • Name, Aliases or Nicknames: Vi
  • Nationality: New Britannian
  • Position: Dome Girl on the Steam Palace
  • Age: 23
  • Synopsis: Viola carries a secret that links her to a woman whom she has never before met. She plots that woman’s ultimate destruction: to bring her into the horrid sorrow of Viola’s life, a quagmire of humiliation, self destruction and abuse, and soul-crushing wickedness.
  • Excerpt:  Viola eyed the poor woman hiding under the bench…READ MORE

Various rankings of these women, which is probably only of interest to me.

Now if I had to rank these from Baddest Bad Girl to not-so-baddest, it would be:

  1. The Sky Goddess – She’s a genocidal maniac with god-like powers.
  2. Carrie Park – No morals, and the financial means to carry out her evil plans
  3. Alexandra Toykalelova – She has the power to bend men to her every whim
  4. Viola Willamante – She doesn’t care who she hurts, but she longs for a normal life.
  5. Elena Galistina – She wants to correct the mistakes of her past and start fresh.
  6. Wild Mary – She has a strong moral code.

Now who is the most skilled?

  1. Wild Mary – She’s been trained in martial arts since birth.
  2. Elena Galistina – She’s a trained assassin. But not since birth.
  3. The Sky Goddess – No training, just massive power.
  4. Alexandra Toykalelova – Just basic training.
  5. Viola Willamante – What she lacks in skill she makes up for with pure cat-like aggression.
  6. Carrie Park – She couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag. But she could hack up a remote air-strike on your house.

Who is the prettiest?

  1. Alexandra Toykalelova – She’s been billed as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the History of Mankind”
  2. The Sky Goddess – She has the power to change her own appearance.
  3. Elena Galistina – Exotic looks coupled with a fit body.
  4. Viola Willamante – The Queen of makeup and corsets.
  5. Wild Mary – She wants to look masculine but she can’t hide her assets forever.
  6. Carrie Park – No amount of cosmetic surgery can fix her ugliness.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out each Bad Girl’s blog post!


  1. Gee, Andrew, if I vote for any of them my own Fallen and Kirika will have my scalp! Then, there's always Xena to think about. Thanks for hosting such a fun blogfest. Hope you like my entry as much as I enjoyed yours, Roland

  2. Hello, again, Andrew. For you and Donna, I added a truly BAD girl to my entry : Nyx, the personification of the raw chaos that existed before all creation. Samuel McCord objects to her invading his night club {an excerpt from FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE.} I think you might enjoy the tussle. Roland

  3. I'm here from SarahJayne's blog (though I've seen you Bad Girl Blogfest mentioned all over).
    I'm sorry it took me so long to mosey over here and that I'm too late to join this party.

    Maybe you'll do a Bad Boy blogfest someday?

    I enjoyed your character sketches.


  4. It's not too late to join!
    Go here
    to sign up!

  5. Very cool! And lots of great detail ;o) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Andrew! It was so fun reading everyone's Bad Girl entries! I'm sorry mine confused you. I just didn't think to enter an short explanation, but here it is:

    The queen is plotting to kill her husband. She is lewd and open about her activity. Here, she taunts her lover, Chengral, with one of her slaves in hopes to see if he is capable of murdering the king.

    There, I hope that clarifies things a bit. ;)

  7. Duuuude, dedication! Wow, well I'm gonna fetch myself some Tea and then begin the reading frenzy because these are some real interesting characters and I just know they'll be amazing :~)

  8. This was a great blogfest!

    You have an award at my blog!

  9. Thanks to everyone for posting entries, and special thanks to those who read that's dedication!
    This was a ton of fun!


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