Monday, May 10, 2010

Bad Girl Blogfest Wrap Up

Bad Girl Blogfest Wrap Up

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Thanks to everyone who participated. We wound up with 41 enthusiastic entries, with bad girls of all shapes, sizes, and dispositions from the mildly annoying to the insanely cunning. I read through each and every one of the entries and was impressed by all of them. You are all wonderful writers and I had expected no less. Thank you so much for making the Bad Girl Blogfest a success!

Special Thanks!

Special thanks goes to those intrepid individuals who actually read and commented on all six of my Bad Girls (and probably most of the other entries as well). You guys are amazing. Please check out these dedicated commenters:

  1. Roland D. Yeomans –
  2. Eric W. Trant –
  3. Tara
  4. Just Another Sarah
  5. Donna Hole

Extraordinary Entries You Might Have Missed

Here are some of my favorite entries. They didn’t receive as many comments as others but they completely rock. Go read them now!

  • Ian Thomas Healy – His Angel from “Troubleshooters” entry was a great intro to a bad girl assassin. Now maybe the problem is that it’s hard to register for his site, but he has a ton of great material up there.
  • F – She is a writer from Nigeria! I don’t know if she still lives there. Her Bad Girl Aisha is a Goldigger Extraordinaire.
  • Kiah via Charity – This is an entry from a twelve-year-old girl! Her unnamed 5th-grade Bad Girl is super mean. And it is awesome! Kiah has a bright future. Check it out!
  • Stu's Place – This one had me ROTFLMAO. Livia will go to any lengths to…well you have to read it. Very funny, with a wicked twist.
  • Haley – Bad Girl Opal has her way with men. What I liked is that Haley had the guts to put up graphic material. Some of you cut the scene off right before the good bits but Haley went for it! Nice!

And there’s more that I loved, but I can’t remember right now. You know who you are!

My Next Blogfest…?

This was fun, but a lot of work. I do hope to host another blogfest at some point. I may announce something in July and host it in August. I promise it will be at least as fun as this one, so keep tuned.

I hope to keep up with blogfests, but they are so close together now that it’s hard to keep up.

Deleted Scene Blogfest Today!

Since I didn’t have any time to come up with my own scene for the Deleted Scene Blogfest, I’m going to post my favorite “deleted scene” of all time…the newly discovered real ending to Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

See you next blogfest!


  1. Thank you for hosting! It was a lot of fun to read the entries. And thanks for recommending the links above so we can check out the great ones we missed.

  2. Andrew, you are simply amazing. I'll let K know you linked to her. They I'll tell her what a compliment that is.

    I feel sort of bad that I didn't comment on any bad girl posts. Call me a prude, I'm ok, with that. (I did read most of them, don't tell my hubby ;) some I even finished if the language wasn't too bad and such.

    I think your blogfest was a huge success, congratulations!

  3. I used the one of my previous scenes for the blogfest and it was a very busy weekend for me. I'll try to catch up though. I looked at the summaries and already know where to start...

  4. Thanks for the shout out Dude; and for the links to other great reads. I missed several on the list. But I read Stu's, and you're right, it was hilarious.

    Have a good day.


  5. Wow, I loved your entry on the Internal conflict contest, very charged, very well written! I will definetly participate on your next contests!

  6. Thanks for linking my entry... It's such a huge compliment! I could have sworn I left a comment earlier but I guess it's lost in cyberspace. :)


  7. Thanks everyone, glad you all have a good time. To me, you are all bad girls (and boys) and it was a pleasure hosting this!


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