Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Steam Palace Cover Art

Steam Palace Cover Art

Wasn’t planning to post anything today but I needed to come up with a cover for Steam Palace for a web site I may use to get critiques and feedback. Click through to see full-size (8”x12”) versions.

Here’s Version One with both Viola and Sophia:
Steam Palace Cover Art
And here’s Version Two with just Sophia:
Steam Palace Cover Art 2

I had to go with the second version on the site because when it’s reduced to a small size, the first one looks bad.
I don’t love the font either. But definitely look at the full-size version because the background is pretty kewl. I also think I need an airship in there somewhere. But if you look carefully you’ll see lots of gears!
Next post will be my Primal Scream entry, I promise!
BTW if anyone’s interested, I got the images off of http://www.fairygothmother.co.uk which looks like it has really wild goth/steampunk/victorian outfits, so you can actually buy what they are wearing!


  1. That's pretty interesting. I've only made one "book cover" and that was just goofing around for during NaNo09. Not a big deal, but it somehow makes a manuscript feel a little more real.

  2. I was thinking that it needed an airship in the background, or a mechohorse, when I scrolled down and found your comment.

    I can see the gears, and what looks like a map of sorts. Way cool.

    Sophia looks hot; totally seductive. I've kinda got this pix in my head of her as more domineering. Full body, skin tight leather, a leathal blade or sawed off peeking it's handle out of knee high boots. Thomas looking dangerous in his duster, pistols ready to defend her at need.

    My imagination is getting away from me. I do love the book cover. Its gonna be awesome Andrew. I'm already excited to see it on a published version.


  3. @cat: I printed it out full-size and it's pretty impressive.

    @Donna: I thought about putting Thomas and/or Dunstan up there but it's way easier finding pics of women in lingerie than men in fancy uniforms.
    BTW I have no idea how I got that weird fade-to-black effect in the background. It's not something I did on purpose. But somehow the combo of the steampunk wallpaper and historic map is awesome.
    You and I have different pictures of Sophia :). She's too seductive here...but the expression is perfect.
    Viola tho is totally Viola. I'll keep working on it!

  4. Uh... I kinda liked the first one. Could just be because I like corsets, but y'know. That's the kind of thing I'd have trouble explaining to my wife.

    Me: "Honey, I'm totally on this website for research purposes. What? I write steampunk! I need goth-outfitted girls for my book cover!"

    Her: *not buying it*

    Me: "You look nice today, dear...."

    Her: *not buying it*

    Yeah. It'd be something like that. :)

  5. @Simon: LOL! I actually had that convo with my wife!

    Her: Who are these people??

    Me: I dunno.

    Her: Are they from that convention?

    Me: Uhh...

    Her: The one with room parties.

    Me. No! They're random British lingerie models. There's a link to the site right there.

    Her: *not buying it*

    I actually am leaning towards the second one now, because her image is so in-your-face.


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