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Bad Girl Blogfest – Amelia

Bad Girl Blogfest – Amelia

air goddess 1 BIO – Amelia

  • Name: Amelia (surname unknown)
  • Novel: The Immortals
  • Role: Supporting Character
  • Created: 2009
  • Setting: America 2400 to the year ~5300
  • Aliases or Nicknames: The Sky Goddess, Amy, Ames, Sky
  • Nationality: Originally American
  • Position: Sky Goddess, one of the Twelve Immortals created by Death Angel
  • Age: yes (she doesn’t age…hence the “Immortal” tag)
  • Synopsis: REDACTED



Sorry folks, this is a current WIP and I didn’t want to leave it up. Thanks for your interest!


  1. Wow, that is a backstory. My head is throbbing from all those nuclear detonations.

    I was sympathetic to her until she unleashed hell from that plane. It seems a story without heroes. Sad in a way. Roland

  2. I did mention this was a "Bad Girl" blogfest, didn't I? And she's the baddest of them all. And no, there are no heroes...yet....
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Bro, you just WON the first-line blogfest:

    For days I lay on that marble floor of the Rose Garden, unable to die, too damaged to repair myself, while all the corpses around me bloated and rotted and swarmed with maggots.

    Awesome. Continuing on with the rest of the story...

    And another great line:

    In the over three thousand years since that day, if I had lit a candle every hour of every day, it still would not be enough candles to account for all those deaths.

    That is a great backstory.

    - Eric

  4. @Eric: Thanks! I actually thought about posting the previous scene where she dismembers her fellow prisoners and then Ethan dismembers her, but I thought it was too graphic. Then I read your piece...but I like this this scene is more conclusive.

  5. Awesome opening line!

    I was kinda thrown off when, in the the bio, you gave her age as: she's immortal; she doesn't age, then you go on to say she is now a wrinkly old woman telling the story.

    She has some nice redeeming qualities somewhere in there, but they don't appear to ever do their job...

  6. @Tara Thanks! In the excerpt, she's about 20. But, she's telling the story when she's ~3300 years old. Her "Immortality" is wearing out and she's at the end of her line.
    And this is her descent into madness so there's nothing much redeeming until 300 years has passed and her real self starts emerging.

  7. Nice work. I really like her name. I keep wanting to pronounce it am-e-lee-ya though it me just be a-meal-ya. Either way, something about the name caught my attention and I had to investigate further.

  8. Not really immortal if you can age. Long lived perhaps.

    I see why you like her so; there is almost an innocence in her maliciousness. Childishness.

    She really does feel young in this memory; a rebellious teen testing their mortality, wondering if life can truly defeat them. This has great voice; the old woman doesn't seem regretful at all; she's reliving her glory days.



  9. @Dawn: I just say a-meel'-ya

    @Donna: Well, after a couple hundred years of not aging they thought they were immortal, but then after a few thousand years, they start aging normally albeit slowly. And oh, she's regretful, but these were indeed her glory days when she was feared and revered.

  10. Okay, I think I changed my mind--she's far worse than the other one.

    Is it Amelia after Amelia Earhart? She is the *Sky* goddess, after all...

  11. @JAS: Yep. Busted. It's not clear whether that's her given name or a chosen one. The other Immortals call her Amy or Sky.

  12. Wow. Unrepentant lust for power, destruction, and release from the never ending violence and soul searing corruption of the Death Angel.

    Truly a tortured bad-girl. The end, her pathetic existence, the disbelieving mortals that used to cower before her looking at her with sad.

    Great post...great Blogfest! Thank you so much.

  13. @Raquel: Yeah, she has issues. In her present-day, most mortal think of The Immortals as we think of the Greek Gods today...mythological beings that didn't really exist. So they think she's just a crazy old lady who likes to rant about being the Sky Goddess just because the old pictures and statues look a little like her.
    Man, every time I write a comment about this it makes me want to finish writing this thing...


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