Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blogging From the Top of Tiger Mountain

Blogging From the Top of Tiger Mountain

Current Location:

West Tiger #3 Summit
Elevation 2522’

2009-04-08 Tiger Mt Hike 003 Took the dog up to the top of Tiger Mountain in Issaquah. There’s still snow up here! Blackberry did really well, me not so much but I made it. After the first 15 minutes I didn’t think I could do it but I persevered.  The dog probably climbed twice as much as i did since she kept circling around me going back and forth. We hiked for an hour before we saw anyone at all which was nice. Near the top we met a couple other dogs on the trail. Dog should sleep good tonight.

After running 8 miles yesterday, I’m a little bit tired. It was about 45 at the trailhead and it’s probably 35 up here with the breeze. I definitely packed too much between extra water and this netbook, almost 40lbs of crap.

I’m hoping to do this a couple times a month. It’s a real great calorie burner. If I had  a 3G card I could just hang up here all day if it wasn’t so cold. However this rock I’m on isn’t real comfortable.

Now back home:

The trail definitely got a lot busier on the way down. Apparently they’ve redone the top third because I didn’t recognize it. It seems a bit steeper now but they eliminated the swampy part. Definitely going to get back into hiking this year.

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