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Character Interview Blogfest – Viola

Character Interview Blogfest – Viola

Thanks to Sangu Mandanna for hosting the Character Interview Blogfest. Follow the link to read all the other entries!

You might remember Miss Viola Willimante from other blogfests such as the Let’s Talk and Bad Girl Blogfests. So I decided to sit down with her and here’s the edited transcript of that conversation (I removed some of her more saucier language).

fgm-dollyl ANDREW: Hello, readers. Today we’re going to interview Miss Viola Willamante, a character from my latest WIP Steam Palace. Viola, could you tell my readers a little about yourself?


ANDREW: Uh, hold on, readers. Viola, what’s up?

VIOLA: I’m a tad perturbed at how you are conducted the writing of your novel, so I respectfully decline.

ANDREW: Viola, you’re an important part of the story, and our gentle readers want to learn more about you.

VIOLA: So you can continue to portray me as some low-born gutter prowler? I think not.

ANDREW: You’re a huge part of the story. You make Steam Palace what it is.

VIOLA: Why not interview precious Sophia?

ANDREW: Oh, boy. Let me explain to the readers. Sophia is the main character, Viola’s twin sister in fact. Steam Palace is a chronicle of Sophia's adventures as she navigates the strange alternate history of North America.

VIOLA: You failed to answer my question. Because deep inside, you consider me to be the main character, not Sophia.

ANDREW: No, I just think the readers—

VIOLA: You invest vast amounts of energy on my character,  providing me with grand flaws and ribald passion. I bring the book alive. I suffer the most. I sacrifice the most. By all rights, I should be the Hero.

ANDREW: Yes, you are very flawed, but I—

VIOLA: You have challenged me with steep mountains and great challenges. What has Sophia ever achieved? Ever lost? Why does she even appear in the book?

ANDREW: Viola, I don't know how else to say this, but you're not the Hero. In fact—

VIOLA: Well, I should be. What does Sophia have that I do not? You said yourself that we are identical.

ANDREW Viola! You need to face facts. You are not the Hero. You’re—well—you’re the Villain. You are Sophia’s greatest challenge.

VIOLA: Ha ha ha ha. Snarf. Oh, I understand. It is that “Evil Twin” meme, is it not? How many posts have you crafted railing against it, how you despise and loathe Evil Twin as a cheap gimmick? So, I am Sophia’s Evil Twin. Excellent. She is good where I am bad. She is sweet where I am cross. She loves where I hate. Predictable. Well, it reeks of foul putrefaction. I am not the Villain. The true Villains are the Duke and the Fuhrer. I save the day. I am the Hero. I would wager more readers care about my story than hers.

ANDREW: Okay, name one way you’ve changed during the course of the book.

VIOLA: Change? For heaven's sake, why would I do that?

ANDREW: Because that's what Heroes do. Yes, you are the most interesting character by far. You outplay Sophia from time to time. But she has the capacity to transcend things, to forgive, to change her way of thinking, to rise above the muck.

VIOLA: Sophia is a one-dimensional caricature. “Ooh, poor me, I am but a lowly milkmaid seeking more. I shall ‘Mary-Sue’ my way to becoming Queen.” It shares the redeeming qualities of rat urine. You know why I do not alter my outlook? Because I know who I am—a top-tier temptress and a vengeful adversary. I take what is mine and I care not whom I hurt. I do not care who dies.

ANDREW: Does that include Charlotte?



VIOLA: That was a cruel blow. She did not have to die. And now I must carry on as if it never occurred? I intend to make the rest of your manuscript writing a living hell. Everything that Sophia does, everywhere she goes, I will be there to ruin it. Do you comprehend my position? You gave me hope, and then yanked it away. I hate you, you [redacted]. This interview is over. Good fortune finishing the revision, [redacted].

ANDREW: Viola, wait! Damn. Well, readers, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our little chat. Now I need to run off and calm Viola down before she does some serious damage…like deleting every chapter Sophia appears in or changing Sophia’s name back to Prudencia or over to Hortense. Thank you for listening.

NEW! Sophia responds to this interview!


  1. haha! I love it when interviews don't go as planned. So much more interesting that way. I bet she is quite a handful on all accounts.

    My interview goes up in the morning with tortured soul Jaron.

  2. I loved it :) I love how I can get a true feel for your novel and your character. Fantastic! I'll get my entry up late tonight.

    P.S. Viola is my hero.

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  3. That was so wonderful, Andrew. I really love Viola's voice. Great entry.

  4. This is great! You have a great imagination... ; P

  5. Very good. Really showed off both characters and gave a great mini-synopsis. The back and forth manipulation was a stroke of genius.


  6. No war or interview goes as planned. Love it, Andrew! Roland

  7. Haha. Speaking of strangling... Seems like you've got your hands full, too :P

  8. Wow, I was going to drop by and leave you my new address, but you beat me to it! :)

  9. She has some personality. Thanks for sharing this very interesting read.

  10. Andrew that was BRILLIANT! She caught me as being somewhat of a Diva, just loved her! Thats a very well developed villain right there.
    And way to go interviewing a villain. I did the same lol!

  11. I like that she would view herself as the hero of the piece.

  12. Hmmm, maybe Viola is right about some things. The villain is often more fun (to read, to write) than the hero! She certainly is villainous.

  13. Andrew, she's an absolute joy to read! Not to mention incredibly difficult, which always makes for a great character! Thanks for participating, it was such a great glimpse into your story's world.

  14. BIG NEWS! Sophia was quite upset by this blog post and has demanded one of her own! Read it here:

    Now for your comments:
    @Eric: Thanks!

    @Charity: They never do.

    @KnK: She's my hero too. But not literarily.

    @Raquel: Viola is one of a kind.

    @Tessa: yes...I "imagined" the whole thing... ;)

    @Donna: I try to make all my dialog like this.

    @Roland: Like I said...they are more alive than you think...

    @Amelia: Characters rarely listen to reason.

    @Lilah: Welcome back!

    @Cass: You're welcome!

    @Clara: Just don't say that to her face. ;)

    @Stu: A lot of the greatest villains see themselves as heroes, and on the side of right. It's the Hero's job to show them the error of their ways.

    @Genie: I think people will pull for Sophia more because she's trying to help Viola than for her own needs and wants.

    @Sangu: Oh yes. She is always surprising me.

  15. Whew!! What a saucy biotch! I love her! This certainly made me want to meet Sophia and here her take on things, excited to be reading her rebuttal here in a minute. You are so very creative, great entry!

  16. She's an ornery, stubborn woman. Good luck pacifying that one.

  17. I don't know what it is with me, but I always sort of love the villians, which means you did your job. Great! And don't calm her to much, she's fun feisty.

  18. Love both interviews! You've got your hands full with those two, Andrew. And I don't care what Viola's done. I like her. I think she's right, she'd make a fine heroine. This seeing only the good in people thing Sophia has going (also known as TSTL) is not near as much fun. Yeah, yeah, I know. Sophia has a more defined character arc. Poor Viola.

  19. LOL! Isn't it funny the things we learn from our MCs by interviewing them? We force them to think outside the book and converse with their creator!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog, I'll continue with Harley's Epic Questionnaire in the near future. I just love interviewing him! :)

    Nice to interview others, too.

  20. @Charlie: Saucy indeed.

    @Alex: That's not quite what Viola's about. I think of it as being competitive.

    @Ra: I could never calm her. :)

    @VR: I don't know if Sophia is only seeing the good in people as much as seeing herself in Viola (literally...they are identical) and not seeing that they are not.

    @EM: Keep it coming! They are always surprising.


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