Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Character Interview Blogfest – Sophia Responds

Character Interview Blogfest – Sophia Responds

So after yesterday’s post, Sophia has been relentlessly hounding me for a response, so I conducted another interview. Sophia is the main character of Steam Palace.

tr-01black ANDREW: Hello, Sophia. What’s so urgent that I must make another post?

SOPHIA: Thank you very much for your indulgence in my petition, Mr. Rosenberg. I shall drive straight to the point. I am quite upset at your portrayal of Miss Viola as an Evil Villain. Nothing could be further from the truth.


SOPHIA: It is true that she is quite challenged, but I believe her to be good. She performs many heroic acts.

ANDREW: I know she’s your lost twin sister, and you feel you must defend her, but at some point you must open your eyes.

SOPHIA: No, it is you with eyes shut. You are always seeing the worst in people.

ANDREW: Sophia, in the last scene I wrote yesterday, Viola is holding a knife to your throat as you sleep. You are in denial about her true nature. You are an inherently good, loving person, and you refuse to see what is right in front of your face. Evil.

SOPHIA. Nonsense. Did she kill me? No. You want me to believe she is beyond repair, broken, a fractured soul. I do not—I cannot believe that. She can change. She can be redeemed.

ANDREW: Do you understand that this is what makes you the Hero? You would lay your life down for Viola, wouldn’t you.

SOPHIA: Not only would I, I nearly did if you recall.

ANDREW: Would she do the same for you?



SOPHIA: Of course she would. We have had our differences, yes, but there is love and compassion in her heart. And I know deep inside she wants to change, to better herself. You could do this. You have the power to fix her, to set things right. Please, good sir, please have compassion for one of your characters and help set her on a better road.

ANDREW: You know I can’t do that. Viola is who she is. You need to accept that.

SOPHIA: And you need to accept that I will never stop fighting for her. No matter how evil you write her, how vicious and mean she becomes, I will always be there for her.

ANDREW: Even if she kills your aunt, your sister, or your mother?

SOPHIA: You would not write such things. Tell me you would not do that. Please, please, kind sir, do not do this to Viola. Even you are not so cruel. If you set her to such tasks, I will refuse to participate in this novel. I will simply sit and do nothing—I shall go on strike.

ANDREW: Are you beginning to understand what you’re up against?

SOPHIA: Yes, the most evil creature ever devised. The most hideous, despicable, and utterly gutless character in the entire Universe. The Author. I will fight you with every means at my disposal. In the words, on the pages, across the hard disk. You will not win this fight, Mr. Rosenberg. Viola will have her redemption, I promise you. And now that I see your thoughts, I will act to prevent such occurrences. Now I must be off. Good day.

ANDREW: Okay, Sophia, take care. And watch your back.


  1. Great interview. I always think it's so interesting the situations we put our characters in. :)

  2. Well, not what I expected! What an interesting twist of character! Man I want to read this book! I love your characters!

  3. @Lisa: I like to think they put themselves in those situations. ;)

    @Charlie: I really am curious to know what you expected. Just because she's the Hero, doesn't mean Sophia isn't flawed. And just because Viola is the villain, doesn't mean she has good qualities.

  4. Hee. I love her too!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  5. Didn't you say yesterday that Sophia is the MC? And yet didn't all the interview focus Viola? Even Viola argued this point.

    Sounds like someone is stealing the show.

    Well done, my friend, well done.

    - Eric

  6. You're too right about belligerent characters. *L*
    Whenever my characters threaten to walk, I send them to their rooms for a time out and they can't have an ice cream sandwich after supper.
    (Sophia's so cute.)

    : D

  7. Oooh, oooh, oooh. Can't wait to read more. Sophia is a little fire ball with spunk. This is the best character interview I think I've ever read. It felt like I was in the room, the tension was so palpable.

    Love it!

  8. You definitely have an intriguing character that has more than enough depth. The interaction between you and Sophia was a great read.

  9. @Kels: Sophia says thanks!

    @Eric: Viola must be stopped!

    @Monica: My chars aren't familiar with ice cream. :(

    @cat: Sometimes I surprise myself when I write script. Wonder if I should write a screenplay...

    @Dawn: This is the crap that goes on in my mind every time.

  10. That was very clever. Sounds like someone got kicked out of the driver's seat on this one. You've got your hands full with those two...good luck.

  11. I love Sophia's final comment - she has some definite attitude. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Talk about some big ass denial!

    And your awesomeness (I just love this) has been dully awarded on my blog btw =)

  13. You have an award on our blog!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  14. Andrew: stop by my blog, as I have a blogging award for you.


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