Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Steam Palace Wordle!

Steam Palace Wordle!


This is the wordle from the first chapter/40 pages or so of Steam Palace. Look at all them adverbs! For shame.



  1. I don't really understand the current trend of no adverbs. We use them in our speech; they are descriptive words. (Just like the trend of not using semicolons, or wordisms) It's all trendy. 20 years from now they'll pounce on something else - maybe nouns. ;)

  2. I love wordle!!! It's a great way to figure out which words you're using too often (and to just see what sort of themes run through your book.) And they're just pretty :)

  3. While the frosty kid-side of me loves wordle, the whole wheat daddy-side of me wonders if they are collecting texts for some sinister purpose.

    I mean, what's their catch?

    Anyway, I still think the wordle is a great way to view your word usage.

    Your wordle looks clean, Andrew. This is an early draft, so I'm sure you'll be cutting a lot of words anyway, and cleaning up unnecessary words.


    "Shot two eyes dead BABY SOPHIA."


    - Eric

  4. @Laura: I don't completely shun adverbs.(see?) But words like "really", "very", "suddenly", "just" etc are pretty non-descriptive. I do use them more in dialog than in prose.

    @Alexandra: It's weird to see your book laid out like this, but informative.

    #Eric: I thought about this. But it's not the whole book.
    Um...Podunk and mechohorse are two of the most necessary words ;)

    Here are some others I've caught (punctuation added):
    Without might, Stratton never woman lay.
    Beatrice, head back now.
    One must face Thomas.
    See milk-like child thing?
    Yes, body kiss ground, man.
    Girl need baby behind.

  5. Where can I find Wordle? Your wordle does look clean, though, Andrew. I was wondering where all the ton of adverbs were. In any event, there are always second, third and fourth drafts to cut the bs out. I fixed the problem on my blog by the way, Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm having a hard time using my OpenID here. I'll keep trying tho!

  6. @Ama: Just click on it to go to Wordle.

  7. I definitely need to try out Wordle. I've seen a few people posting them and they just look plain fun! (Hopped over to you from Alliterative Alomorph to check out your blogfest list :)


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