Monday, April 26, 2010



I hate to say this, but I’m out of good ideas for my blog. Okay, I should say I have some decent ideas, but nothing really worthy of much effort at the moment. So therefore, I’m turning over the blog to you. Ask me anything. Writing technique. Personal stuff. Questions about my stories.Requests for blog topics. Critique requests (public or private).  Anything. Heck, give me some writing prompts and ask for a story. I’ll try to answer at least one question from everyone. Thanks for your support!

And, of course, the Bad Girl Blogfest is May 7, a week from Friday! I just saw a movie with an awesome, awesome Bad Girl.

hit girl comic


This is Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass! AKA Mindy Macready, the left is the graphic novel version, the right is the movie version played by Chloë Grace Moretz.

She reminds me of a bad-ass character I created for NaNoWriMo, Elena Galistina, who started her nefarious career sometime around the same age as Mindy. I may have to include a snippet of Elena in the Bad Girl Blogfest.


Seriously, no one knows the left and center characters? The left is a character from a recent graphic novel that is schedule to become a movie, and the center is a character from a TV series that featured a warrior princess. Click on it for a larger image. And yes, the girl on the right is indeed Jessica Rabbit…who BTW is not actually bad, she’s just drawn that way. But I still think of her “that way.”


  1. I saw Kick-ass yesterday and it was weird in a way. I was rooting for her and how strong she was but she was so young, lol. I guess I'm not such a bad girl though I loved both volumes of Kill Bill.

    I hope you find topics to blog about. What of a post on how to review?

  2. I really want to see Kick-Ass. I think its going to be a really great movie. Anyway, one question I have is about short stories. Do you write them from time to time (meaning shorts longer than the flash pieces you've posted here), and if you have, have any of them been published?

  3. Saw kick-ass the other night. It seemed like it didn't know if it was a parody of superhero movies or an actual superhero movie.

    But either way, I loved it.

  4. Hmm, I guess I don't read/watch that stuff. Have no clue about kick ass.

    Or what to ask you.


    Well, what do you do in your "spare time"? When you're not running or writing. Perhaps you have a favorite hobby or other activity that consumes some of your off hours. I remember you saying you quit your job to write, but I'm sure that not all you do with your days.


  5. I want to see Kick-Ass SO BAD! I've heard nothing but fabulous things =)

    Hmmmm... questions...

    Favorite actor? Favorite actress? Favorite movie of ALL time? If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only bring ONE book, what would it be?

  6. LOL. Your honesty is refreshing! Hope you get a great idea soon.

  7. Thanks everyone! Answers should be going up later today.


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