Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blogfest Voting Results!

Blogfest Voting Results!

Here are the final results of my Blogfest poll:

imageFirst of all, THANK YOU FOR VOTING!! I was kind of hoping for “A Proper Blogfest” but this…well now what? All of the top three are great. What makes a character a true hero? What moment changed your character’s life forever? But with the third choice…there is so much room for fun!

So later this week, I will be making the official date announcement and open sign-ups for

The WriteRunner’s Bad Girl Blogfest

Do you have a female character who’s just plain mean? Abusive? Snotty? A good girl gone wrong? Thinks the world owes her something? Do you have a woman who’s crossed the line, done things she’s ashamed of (or not), and is hopelessly lost? Or misunderstood? Do you have an angel turned into blackest demon, now stalking the pages of your work with her ferocious anger? Or is she as as sweet as molasses, up until the point where she sinks her fangs into your unsuspecting hero’s neck?

Now for my Bad Girl Anthem

Does she

Pour acid on roses and pull whiskers off kittens?
Smash copper kettles and burn woolen mittens?
Send brown paper packages tied up with strings
Trying to blow up your favorite things?

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I know that she sent me those god-awful things
And then I don't feel so bad. But not really.

Bad Girl Blogfest!!

BTW if you voted for a different blogfest, please consider hosting it yourself! I won’t mind at all!


  1. Interesting result. Couldn't help but lol at the Anthem. Well done.

    I voted for hero myself, but that's because I just finished the draft on a novel that before it had a real title I was calling it hero. Also, I don't write many females in general. It will be a stretch for me, but once it's announced I'm sure I'll be signing up.

  2. I LOVE THE ANTHEM! That is so cool! I can't wait to sign up! Been obsessed with blogfests lately - so much that I'm even hosting my own! I look forward to this one too - I have the PERFECT character for it!

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  4. So excited to read these. Not sure if I have a bad girl, but I'm not opposed to creating one...wait, I think I do have one...Mua ha ha ha ha!

  5. Love the anthem! Simply awesome. I do have a sly bad girl in my WIP. She's rotten through and through. We'll see if she gets what's coming to her in the end. ;)

  6. @Dawn: Def like the Hero one was a tough choice.

    @Harley: Awesome! Looking forward to it!

    @Tina: Mwa ha ha indeed

    @Lisa: Hee hee

    All: Note that "bad girl" does not necessarily imply Villain. Maybe your Heroine has a bad side, a naughty side, a set of crazy impulses she can't control...

  7. Hmmmm, I need to dig through all my stories to find a bad girl--or at least a good girl having a bad day... It'd be fun!

    I can't wait to enter!

  8. Well, duh. Of COURSE the Bad Girl Blogfest won. That idea is made of win. I shall of course sign up, 'cause I love me some bad girls. Yup.

  9. My friend pointed me to your blog, and it looks great! I also love me some bad girls so I have just the MC in mind...


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