Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check out my Guest Blog!

Today I wrote a Guest Blog over at the Etiquette Bitch website!

In it, I confess to being a rude and inappropriate person.

etiquette bitch

Go check it out!


  1. Steampunk romance? And I think I write in odd genres! I enjoyed your guest post, but couldn't leave a comment there, so I'm leaving it here. I thought you were a runner. Isn't there supposed to be a zen-like state you get from running? Or is it a zombie-like state? So how do you manage to overcome the effects of running to become a rude person? (If I might be so rude as to ask.)

  2. Nice post! I agree we should challenge the "write what we know," deal. I often do. I mean I'm not really in tune with what teenagers these days like, but I'm going to have to be :)

  3. Running just makes me tired, which just makes me cranky.
    And who knows what teenagers like? It's a mystery to everyone.

    Hey, did anyone notice that I hit fifty followers? Thanks people!

  4. Okay. I can handle it all. I tend to love rude people. But not tipping much? THAT'S just horrible!

    I believe in write what you know. But I think you know a lot more than you think you know... That's where the imagination comes in.

    For instance, I'm not a man. But I can imagine what it might be like to be one. My husband's a man (duh) and so is my father and plenty of my friends. Therefore, vicariously I know what it's like to be a man and can write accordingly.

  5. For the record, I do tip well.

    A writer definitely has to write what he doesn't know...otherwise nothing would ever get written!
    Check out the movie "The History of Lying" if you want a great example.

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like what I see here - I'm in a love affair with Steampunk at the moment - so I'll definitely be stopping back by here regularly. Good luck for you in NaNo!


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