Friday, May 22, 2009

I’m Wripped

I’m Wripped
ripped-paper-goes-into-the-basket No, I’m not well-built (yet).

For some crazy reason, I sent my query letter for Dawn’s Rise to Evil Editor and his minions to destroy. Actually, I sent him three queries, and suggested he use the one he hates the most. So he chose the one I didn’t even write (someone online rewrote it for me and I liked the style). You can read Evil Editor’s mockery of Dawn’s Rise here.

So people have been ripping my poor query to shreds, and in the process, throwing derision at my whole plot. People have wondered if I’m even serious. Dawn’s Rise isn’t meant to be a serious study outlining some real threat to life on Earth. It’s just something along the lines of The Day After Tomorrow or any disaster genre piece. It’s meant to be a fun adventure more than a treatise on the world 100 years from now. Yes there are social themes in there dealing with technology and our dependence on it. But mostly, a lot of horrible stuff happens and our heroes must survive it.

So not only am I being ripped publicly, my writing is being shredded in private as well (and I’m grateful). It’s hard for me to think of a more humbling experience. Except when I was shitcanned a couple months ago, but that’s already ancient history. I’ve moved on. I’m being forced to rethink my style, my beliefs in “what works”, and even question whether my plot will hold up under scrutiny. I hope I get the feel of it really soon, otherwise it will take a year to polish Dawn’s Rise. I was hoping to finish it by June 1! I think the practices I’m learning right now will become invaluable, and it will make my next manuscript that much better.

So if anyone out there wants a piece of me, have at it! Send me your email and I can set you up.


  1. I thought EE's response was rather mean-spirited. I guess that's why he is Evil Editor, and he has a reputation to maintain. Myself, I wouldn't be bothered with someone like that, who is going to drop kick something I've written without providing even the most basic sort of constructive criticism. But some of the commenters seemed to be genuinely trying to help.

  2. I knew he would rip my stuff. I was surprised at the amount of decent analysis the commenters provided. Besides, it's better to be laughed at by amateurs than rejected by professionals. Even ridicule is valuable feedback. But in this case I'll take it with a grain of salt.


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