Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Old vs New

Old vs New

Here is a picture of my very first computer next to my very latest computer, both open to a word processor.


On left: ASUS 1000HE EEE-PC Netbook

On right: Vintage Apple Macintosh Plus

My hope is to somehow offload the data off of my Mac disks and transfer them to my ASUS so I pick up where I left off 20+ years ago on some of these stories.

Some quick comparisons between the two:

  • Processor: 8Mhz vs 1.6Ghz X 2…that’s 4000 times more processor. Also 24 bit vs 64 bit addressing.
  • Memory: 1MB vs 2 GB…2000 times more memory.
  • Disk: 800KB vs 160GB…200,000 times more onboard disk (of course I have tons of those 800K disks…)
  • Screen Resolution: 512x342x1bit vs 1024x600x32bit…About 4 times the resolution and 16 million more colors.
  • Weight: 16.5lbs vs 3.2lbs. Not sure the 16.5 includes keyboard/mouse.

I still miss the Mac tho…



  1. BTW my very first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. Don't have that one anymore.
    AND that's not my first Mac...I lost it at some point (very long story). But it's close enough.

  2. Hmm...turns out that the Netbook is NOT dual-core...just hyperthreaded so it's only 2000 times processor...and it's only 32-bit addressing, not 64 bit.


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