Friday, March 27, 2009

My Week Was Weak

My Week Was Weak

Here's a list of my accomplishments/activities for the week. I know no one is really interested in this but I think it helps me keep focused.

  • Took Noah to his Taekwondo school's annual championship. He came away with 1st place in Form and 2nd in Sparring in his division. Tonight he does "testing" where he formally picks up his next belt after he does a few routines correctly.
  • Ran the Mercer Island Rotary 10K. I did pretty will considering how out of shape I am. It was a very hilly course but I kept up the effort throughout. I probably won't file a race report.
  • Nothing to report on the weight loss front...I have been doing better at my diet in reducing calories but no results yet...need to keep trying.
  • Monday was my 42nd birthday...spent most of the day drinking.
  • On the exercise front: had a very difficult 8mi run Tuesday...probably due to the hangover and not being recovered from the 10K. Ran 5 yesterday and felt much better. Plan to run 4 today with the dog and 5 on Sunday. Swam Monday and today but I tweaked my shoulder halfway through my workout today and had to quit. Going to try to get back on the bike tomorrow if the weather is acceptable.
  • Received my new ASUS EEE-PC! This thing rocks. It's my new best friend. I'll make a separate post about it soon after I've had it a little longer. No complaints so far.
  • Got my old Mac Plus running, read a bunch of old files I had written. Now I need to find a way to offload the files.
  • Filed my taxes. Found a huge omission that saved me almost $3K in taxes.
  • Finished another chapter of The Immortals. I've gotten through most of the background, now I need to focus on plot development and the main conflict that drives the story.
  • Got my office space almost done, with help from DW. Still have a ton of paperwork to file but it shouldn't take long.

I'm hoping to get into the swing of things next week WRT writing. I've been so busy organizing and doing paperwork that I've had barely any time to think about how to get this thing going. I have some daily writing goals that I'm not even close to. And as my DW pointed out (pointedly), I'm seriously unfocused right now.


  1. Your first and most recent computers are strangely familiar; mine was also a Mac Plus and my latest is an Asus Eee 1000HA which is very similar. I'm dual-booting Ubuntu on mine and can't make up my mind which OS to "live" in yet. Almost everything I want is available on both...

  2. The thing I like to use on the 1000HE is Chrome. It's faster than all the other browsers and uses less memory. It handles about 90% of the web sites I need.
    I've been thinking of Ubuntu but I may wait until there's a Chrome Ubuntu release.


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