Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay, Maybe Setting some Goals will Help

Okay, Maybe Setting some Goals will Help

goals I’ve really only had one goal so far: get organized.

I wouldn’t call my current state “organized” yet. Instead it’s more like “reduced disorder” to a point where I know where most everything is and where stuff goes. I think now I might be able to set some weekly goals and have some kind of chance of actually accomplishing things. I’ve broken down my goals into four categories: Writing, House, Workout/Diet, and Money. I’ve made giant to-do lists for each of these, and I also have a separate document that describes some other goals and other things I have to get done.

So here goes my first attempt at a weekly set of goals. I want each goal to be concrete and achievable:

  • Writing: Rewrite the first 30 pages/3 chapters of Dawn’s Rise. I need to restructure the beginning of the book to get the reader right into the action, and then fill in the background as I go. Then I will be able to come up with something to send to agents.
  • House: Go thru the “drum room” and at least come up with a plan to get rid of all the junk.
  • Workout: I have planned runs of 8, 5, 4, and 5 miles this week for a total of 22 miles. I also need to find a new pool to swim in because I lost the gym membership I had through work.
  • Money: I still have a ton of paperwork to go through. I also need to start making contacts for getting some supplementary income. I hate posting my resume online because of all the useless headhunting calls I get from India but I might have to. There’s no real concrete goal here…but I still need to make progress.

I also have some others thing I need to get done: Fix DW’s dying laptop, file for unemployment bene’s, etc etc.

On the writing front, I’m still progressing through The Immortals. I wrote a small 2-page chapter, and now I’m working on a major chapter with my MC’s. They are discovering their capabilities and encountering greater and greater challenges. The writing is getting a bit harder but I think that I just need to keep plugging away at it, and things will begin to resolve themselves. This chapter has a bit of a Western theme to it which makes it kind of fun.


  1. Your goals look eminently achievable. I hope you've left room in your day for fun stuff too! :-)

    (I'd love to look at the revised beginning of Dawn's Rise when you get it finished.)

  2. I think that can be arranged :)
    I've cut out a ton of the blah blah and gotten right into the action, throwing in explanation as needed. Should be done in a couple days.


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