Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's a hard day

This is my obligatory 9-11 post. I don't know what this has to do with writing. I guess one thing it does is reinforce that there really are bad guys out there. Sometimes I try to see the shades of grey in people. I try to empathize with them. While I try not to see the 9-11 attackers and planners as completely evil, I simply don't see what good can come of these types of attacks. The world has gotten worse since 9-11. There's more fear and hate in the world. And I completely blame the attackers for this.

This makes me feel less bad about putting evil, one-sided characters in my writing. I think there really are people out there just for themselves, and will do whatever they want no matter who it hurts. I think there are a lot more evil people out there than we think, but most of them don't fall into power thank god. Its when these people come to power, start abusing it, and causing unneeded pain and suffering, that's when I start calling it Evil. What's remarkable is when a person in power can use their power for the greater good instead of their own benefit. That's where true Good comes from, and I try to make my good guys take that to heart.

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