Thursday, September 27, 2007

Review of Bionic Woman from a writer's perspective

Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan)

My initial impression of Bionic Woman is that is seems pretty cookie-cutter and unimaginative. Like my other post about SF vs Fantasy, this show seemed to gloss over the technical details of how they actually fixed her up. To me it seemed like they tried to fit 120 minutes of story in to 48 minutes of prime time drama. So now she's magically fixed in literally a day, with magic strength and healing powers, and seemingly invulnerable. Not only that, the guy she likes totally screws up her life and she's concerned about that for about a minute. She's lost a baby, her legs, her arm, her body is invaded by some kind of nanites, and the next day she's back in the bar like nothing happened.

So what I'm saying is that this is all pretty fantastical and doesn't deal in reality or reactions. I think a 2-hour premiere could have filled in all these pieces. Now it looks like it will just turn into some kind of cop/secret agent show. And she doesn't even have the appeal of Jennifer Garner in Alias. I hate when I watch something and say, "I could have done that better."

I'll probably watch a few more episodes. If they want to go the fantasy route, then I hope they really ham it up with some fun villains and weird scenes.

Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner)

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