Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Matt Ruff

Yes, the Matt Ruff came to our office today and read from his new book Bad Monkeys. 2 kewl authors in 2 days :)
I liked his fictional character a lot because she apparently shares a lot with my main character. They both kind of teeter on the edge of reality/sanity. I of course got a signed copy of the book which I hope to read soon. It was a much more intimate setting than yesterday and I even ate lunch with him for a while. He's a real nice guy. I asked him a little about the literary market and he agreed that I should really get an agent.

Well I haven't gotten much done on my book lately, the new puppy is taking up all my free time. I think things will calm down once she's acclimated. I've also felt like I have a cold lately. I really hope I'm not allergic to the dog, that would break everyone's heart if we had to take her back.

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