Friday, September 28, 2007

Notice anything New? + next Wild Mary's Way Chapter

I created my own custom domain. Now this blog is at

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my published docs to show up there, instead of

Anyways here is the next chapter in Wild Mary's Way.
Chapter 3 - The Wizard

And now for the scathing critique of my own writing (read it first or this may spoil it)
This is supposed to be the scene where Mary meets her nemesis/savior/best friend/worst enemy. The whole thing just doesn't work. The point of the chapter is that he has this power to disarm her thru his words, using somewhat psychoanalytical techniques. He's supposed to be this peaceful do-gooder. I think he breaks her down too easily. His technique is to essentially hold a mirror up to her, and just tell her exactly what he sees in her. The truth is sometimes the most vicious weapon, and he certainly felt threatened although he couldn't show it.

The point of turning her into a mess is to illustrate just how messed up she it. She still isn't in control of her emotions, and is just discovering her sexual side (more to come on that in later chapters)

Well if I had a couple of days I could re-write this chapter, but I'm just letting it go for now.

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