Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogfest-arama! Poll!


blogfest Seems like everyone is holding a Blogfest. For writers, this means that you post a portion of your WIP on your blog, and then add a link to the main Blogfest page. Each Blogfest has a specific theme.
Here is a list of upcoming Blogfests. If you know of more, please let me know! Looks like it may be time to add a calendar widget to my blog…
Which brings me to my next point. I want to host a Blogfest! But I’m not sure what to do. Here’s a list of potential subjects.
  • Hero Blogfest
    A character performing a Heroic Act that will live on in the annals of history.
  • Epiphany Blogfest
    The moment the light bulb turns on for a character that changes their life forever.
  • Disaster Blogfest
    (This ties in more with
    Dawn’s Rise than Steam Palace.)
    Either a natural disaster or a personal disaster. It’s
  • Bad Girl/Villainess Blogfest
    Let see some good women gone bad. Harpies, vixens, succubae, or just haughty cheerleaders.
  • A Proper Blogfest
    In which your delightful characters illustrate the utmost in courtesy and manners—or display a contemptuous lack thereof. Served with tea and biscuits.
POLL CLOSED! Thanks for voting! Bad Girl Blogfest won, but feel free to pick up any of these!


  1. Wow, those sound like fun. I don't think I'll try them all, but I like the bar scene, of course, and the first page.

    I can't wait for your's. They all sound like fun. I voted for Hero. Do you think that could be whatever your character thinks of as heroic and not so much the typical "put yourself at physical risk for another" type?


  2. I think a Heroic Act by definition has a couple of standard elements:
    o It must involve personal risk. Maybe not physical but there must be huge stakes.
    o It must be for the benefit of others, not for yourself.
    o It must involve self-sacrifice. Personal loss. Risk is not sufficient.
    o There should be no promise of reward for this act. You're not "trying" to be a hero.

    So if your character "thinks" it's heroic, then that's not true heroism. Any hint of personal gain kind of taints the act.
    But I think what you mean is "does it need to be something huge and grand" and no, it can be a small act of heroism, like helping an old lady cross the street...when the bad guys told you to wait by the pay phone or they'd kill your mom...and then the phone starts ringing... :)

  3. The heroic act is the most intriguing to me because there are just so many possibilities. An epiphany is equally interesting. Let us know when you host one of these beauties!

  4. I love your blog! And I've got an award for you on mine...

  5. Hi Andrew! I'm a new follower and wanted to say hey. Have you really finished writing ten novels?? You're my hero! I look forward to reading you.

    Thanks for the blogfest links. I'll look into them!

  6. @Jay: Will do!

    @Asa: Thanks for the award!

    @Nic: "Finished" is a strong word. "Drafted" would be more like it. :)

  7. Hooray for blogfests! Epiphany blogfest sounds good.

  8. I've never heard of a blogfest. Thanks for educating me!

    I vote for hero. You do that very well and I learn from it.

  9. I love the word "ponderosity". Great post. Loved it and blogfest sounds like a blast.

  10. They all sound fun...can we vote for all? :)

  11. Note that I added a link to the Bad Girl Blogfest which won the vote!


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