Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steam Palace No-Kiss Blogfest Entry

steampunk-3 Here is my entry for No Kiss Blogfest on Jan 2, 2010!!!! Go to that link to see all the other no-kiss kissing scenes!

It’s not exactly a no-kiss scene (since my last kissing scene was actually a no-kiss scene). It’s more of a “hearsay” kissing scene. In this scene, Prudencia has just returned from a long weekend of wining and dining with the Duke. Told from Thomas Putnam’s point of view, from the bar/music room aboard the Steam Palace. Also note that this is a rough draft, so please no critiques.

Thomas threw the fiery liquid down his throat, and slammed the glass on the table. The alcohol eased the pain in his leg, but his heart still refused to mend. He had returned to the Steam Palace with frequency, determined to speak with Prudencia and discover what, if anything, lie between them.

As if on cue, Prudencia entered the stateroom, carrying a few small bags. She laid them down behind the bar, and caught Lily’s eye.

“Prudencia! You’re back!” The two women ran to each other and hugged.

“You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you, Lily, but I just experienced perhaps the most wonderful few days of my life. I have so much to tell you! Where do I start? The estate, the manor, Lily, I think this might be the one! I’m so excited!”

“Pru, I need to—”

She ignored Lily’s gesture. “Wow! Dunstan, which I may address him as, is just marvelous! He is a brilliant commander, and I think we really connected on a deep level. Well, until I beat him in a race...Oh! Remember how I told you about my old Mechohorse? He gave me a new one! Well, not a new one, but the same one I used to ride, except in full working order! It’s outside on the shore, I can’t wait for you to see it. Lily, I’m so excited. He said he would call on me soon. I just hope I didn’t offend him.”

“Pru will you—”

Prudencia hopped on a seat, her back to Thomas, who could hear the whole thing. “You see, there was an incident. I can’t explain it, but we were touring his vast library, and I felt someone behind me, and he—he kissed me. Just like that. I certainly wasn’t expecting it! I didn’t know what to do, so I refused him. There was a moment when I thought he would explode, but he treated me like a gentleman, and apologized for the affront. My mind is just swirling like a unhinged carousel.”

“Pru! Stop.” Lily nodded towards Thomas. Prudencia turned around, and her face dropped.

“Oh my lord. Thomas! I—I—”

Thomas placed his braced leg on the floor, and began hobbling across the room towards the door. After the fight, he fashioned a brace to support himself. He still relied on the crutches for balance but at least he could stand on his own.

Prudencia slid off her stool and ran up to him. “Thomas, please stop. I didn’t see you there. You heard everything, didn’t you?”

Thomas shrugged. “What difference would it have made? You have your Duke, your nobility awaits. You kissed him? I shall not stand in your way. Congratulations. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new mechohorse.”

“Thomas, wait!” The woman blocked his path and laid her hands on his breast. “You’re a dear friend of mine. I could not bear to lose such friendship over this. Please, sit with me. There must be so much on your mind since that night.”

Her small hands pleaded with him, her touch branding him with fire. He could not resist her concerned eyes. “Very well, but do not torture me with stories about that man.”


  1. I love these characters and this world! Really, I want to read this story, and pray there is hope for the valient Thomas. Super work.

  2. Your characters are incredibly real. I love that, fabulous scene and story!

  3. Ah jealousy, heartache, joy. Way to include so many emotions in one scene. I felt for everyone involved. Nicely done!
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  4. Poor Thomas. I feel for him. What a miserable way to find out what was between them. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. okay I WANT to know what happened between them! Pru's character's ramblyness (and yes, that's my own made up word I believe...) is charming and funny! I feel horrible for Thomas... the friend in love with another friend who doesn't seem to love them back is such a sticky situation!

  6. Aw, poor Thomas! I hope Pru sees the light...he seems like a loyal friend and someone who would genuinely care for her if things escalated.
    Great job!

  7. Thanks!
    Well, Pru does like him, but he's been so mopey with his injured leg and she's been too obsessed with the glamorous Duke to really have anything happen--yet.
    But they are about to embark on adventure that will change everything...

  8. I really connect with your character and could feel Thomas's pain. Poor guy...

  9. I'm very intrigued, the character relationships are interesting as is the world, I would so read more!


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