Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wild Mary's Way Update

The more I work on this story, the more I hate it. There are so many damn problems with it. I never did like the Wizard character.
I don't ever really mention what exactly my dream was anywhere in the book.
This is what I think it was (yes, try to to remember a dream you had 12 years ago or whatever):
A woman loves a man. He betrays her with someone else. She becomes angry and violent, and fights him over everything. In the end they get back together in some kind of intense moment of truth.
But this book has gotten very complicated, with a bunch of crap thrown in. I'm seriously considering just throwing up the rest of the chapters unedited, but the problem with that is it's not my best work and not representative of my talents.
So this leaves me with a choice:
  1. Take down the chapters and call it a day
  2. Put up the chapters unedited and crappy.
  3. Put in a lot of effort into something and still be left with a not-great offering.
The only advantage to #3 is that the process of editing the book may be helpful and take my mind off Dawn's Rise for a while. But I can't let that effort sit too long, I need to start figuring out a plan to try to engage an agent.
And I need to stop watching so much TV.

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