Sunday, October 7, 2007

Issaquah Rotary Run 10K RR PR

10K: 10000 meter race (6.2 miles)
PR: Personal Record
RR: Race Report
mm: minutes per mile

Ok it wasn't a spectacular PR like my last few races. Of course my last 10K was at least 250m short so that record was a little fast.

I ran the Issaquah Rotary 10K. It was a warmish breezy drippy day, about 60 at the start, unlike last week's rainy 50 degrees. The course goes gently uphill for the first bit then over a larger hill in the middle. The rest is mostly downhill, and I had a breeze at my back.
I haven't run a 10K since March, although I had a HM in there (I ran an ~11K in June) My goal was to break 62 mins, and under 10mm pace. After running a sub 29 5K last week, I figured that this was within my reach.

So here were my splits. This was probably my best-run race:
Split HR elevation
1 10:03 156 +20
2 10:09 167 +40

3 10:06 173 +19
4 9:53 176 +28
5 9:39 177 -85
6 9:37 181 -34
.2 9:01 183 +7

So previous PR: 64:35/10:23mm on a short course
Today: 61:54/9:57
I beat my goal by 6 seconds. According to my Garmin, the course might have been ~80 meters long, accounting for 23 secs or so, which is why the splits don't add up exactly.I'm pretty happy with the declining splits, although the elevation changes and wind helped a lot with that.
I also ran the ~11k at 10:27 so I beat that pace too.
I did feel some fatigue between 3 and 4 but I ran through it, then the last couple miles my stomach felt a little crampy but didn't grow into a full side stitch.
Now it's time to start running long runs, and building back up to my next HM in Nov.

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