Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm on a Writing Rampage!

I'm on a Writing Rampage!

You've better look out! (Yes is this Rampage from the original Transformers series).

Actually I don't know how well I'm doing.
Here's the thing: for some reason, all my characters are in cramped quarters. All of them. And it's like, how do you make a compelling story about sardines?

"Hey, whatcha doing?"

"Nuttin. How bout you?"

"Nuttin. Just sittin here in this here sardine can. Waiting to be eaten."


I mean writing just doesn't get better than that folks.

Oh yeah, a lot of my characters are sick or dying. That's really fun. Basically they're sardines who are dying in their little cans. So I don't know where this is going. I guess they'll all go stark raving mad or they'll be dead by the halfway point. Wish me luck.


  1. Where'd ya get that progress bar thingy. I want me one too!

    I think sick and dying people stuck together in a sardine can would have lots of reflective conversations with each other. They might tell the tale (via flashbacks) of how they got into that situation. They might also muse on life and death and other meaningless philosophical ramblings. Or, if they were guys, they might discuss the last Mariners game. :-)

  2. In Can #1 we have two older 40-something women who are BFF's.

    In Can #2 we have 5 kids aged 16-23 who can't stand each other.

    In Can #3 we have a dying father taking care of his teenage kids.

    Although I realize that Can #2 needs to make a stop soon otherwise there will be 4 kids and a body.


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