Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Back!

I'm Back!

I started writing the sequel to Dawn's Rise. It's pretty exciting. I'm working on developing some interesting characters. I don't really have any villains yet, but I'm working on it. I'm just trying to establish the heroes at this point.
They've been brawling up to this point of the book, but soon they will be forced to work together.
It's a brother/sister vs twin brother/sister and an adopted sister.
I'm up to ~3400 words so far.
It takes up the story 20 years after the end of the first book.
I'll try to post updates as I go.
What does WALL-E have to do with anything?
Nothing...just like the image.


  1. Andrew,

    I'm enjoying reading through your blog. Congratulations on finishing your latest novel and good luck with getting it published. Science fiction is an area that I often read. Have fun working on the new novel.

    If you have a chance, stop on by my blog. I have a lot of posts from all of the running races I have done along with my efforts to complete my first novel.

  2. Good job starting a novel!
    I just love the process of creation. I'm making people come alive out of nothing. I feel as an author that the characters are just "out there" and I'm just somehow channeling them onto a written page.

  3. My characters are so "out there" sometimes that they refuse to do what I want them to do...

    I hate that!


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