Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Does anybody now see

Does Anybody Now See

The friggin' Bird on a Stick image behind the title of this blog??
I've been trying to get this image to show up for months...apparently it was too wide...and since it's hosted on and my site is won't show up! Some cross-site blocking...

This is an actual picture that I actually took myself on a run a couple years ago.
Anyways if you still can't see it...I'm going to f-ing rip a hole in something.

Has anyone noticed the whole "time and date" thingy they added to Blogger? I can set the time that this post shows up at. Now I can re-order posts if I need too! I really could have used this during NaNoWriMo so I didn't have to fiddle with post things at odd hours.

So I'm looking at a new writing project...I want to write a screenplay about my college years. So many crazy things happened...if I condensed 4 years of antics into a compressed format I think it would be really interesting.

The only problem is that I was the world biggest loser in College...and who wants to see a movie about a loser? I didn't have any redeeming accomplishments either.
But I did interact with a lot of fascinating in particular is probably going to be the focus of my script...the guy who forever changed my life on one drunken road trip (think Beer Fest...not Crying Game...Jeez)

I'm also determined to start updating this blog regularly even if I have nothing to say. I'm tired of everyone else having all the blogging fun.

I sent some emails to some college roomies to see if they could remember some details I can't. I've never written a memoir before...should be an interesting trip!

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