Sunday, March 16, 2008

Henry's St. Pat's Race RR + DFL

Henry's St. Pat's Race RR + DFL

The best way I have to describe this race is, "I didn't have a good time" in both senses of the phrase. I didn't enjoy the race, and my race time sucked.

Henry's Race is a randomly-measured "jaunt" down the Seattle waterfront. This year it turned out to be 3.5 miles (3.48 or so). Last year was 3.4 and ended in a different spot. It's a point-to-point race from Seattle Center down to Quest Field (some would say FX McCrory's...the local watering hole).

I left the house hoping to get there about an hour before the race. This would have left me plenty if time to catch the bus to the start and get in a warm up. I was sorely mistaken. First of all, I went snowboarding yesterday. All that traveling gave me some "issues." So by the time I got to the garage, I pretty much had to go potty so bad it was an emergency. But of course, this was the wrong garage...because they moved the finish of the race about a mile away from where it used to be. So I start running. Think of Gnarls Barkley's "Run":
Either you run right now Or you best get ready to die

I did make it to the potty in time...but then I had to go all the way back to the car and get my gear...then back in the huge line for the buses. Then while I was in line...I had to go again. By the time I got out...I was dead last in line (DFL). Now the race is divided into 3 waves...and I was in the first. By the time I boarded the bus it was about 9:20 and my race started at 9...I was surprised the race leader didn't run by but I guess they delayed the start a bit.

So as I got off the bus I ran to the start where the third wave was about to start. I pushed thru to the start and just started running...about a minute before this wave of mostly walkers was due to leave. According to my watch this was at 9:35. The first quarter mile was fine...until I ran into the walkers from the second wave. For the first two miles I literally swam through the crowd, pushing and shoving my way through the walkers until I came to the slow runners from the second wave where it opened up. Someone took offense at one point and bitched at me but I just wanted to run so I kept going without even a wave. But the time I got free I just didn't have much left at that point. I'm still recovering from a back injury so my miles have been way down lately and my pace has really suffered (not to mention being tired from boarding).

Anyways I finally made it to the end, and finished in a 10:10 pace which is the same as last year but way off my course record (9:45), and my 5K (9:14) and 10K (9:57) (note it's a downhill course of ~80 feet).

10:35 (huh??)
9:57 (4.54)

Fashion report: Great St. Pats cotton T-shirt with a have to see it (looks like a green tux), green Mariners cap, black gloves, blue/green Mariners shorts, green/white Adidas soccer socks (knee high), and my new NB 858's.

Well, at least I got the first race of the year over with, and it looks like I have my work cut out if I want any PR's this year.

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