Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I need inspiration!

30 Plot Ideas in 30 Days

I came across this obnoxious blog today which I really don't want to promote in the slightest so I'm not going to mention what it is or what it's about. (and this image has nothing to do with it either...it's a random image I got from Googling "30 Days") Anywho...it gave me an idea, that I should try to write 90 plot ideas in 90 days. However, that being a long time, I think I should pare it down to a more reasonable 30 days.
However this brings up some issues:
  1. Do I have to write one plot each day or can I skip & make up? Do they need to be consecutive days?
  2. Should I re-label my blog? ie: The WriteRunner:30 Plot Ideas in 30 Days
  3. Can I only think of plots while running? (which I usually only do 4 days/week)
  4. Should I get other people involved/committed ala NaNoWriMo? I could probably post something up on the NaNo boards.
  5. What do I do with the ideas when I'm done?
  6. What should I do if I win?
It's an interesting project. I can think up a bunch of neat ideas and I don't have to commit to months of fleshing it out. Maybe I could follow it up with 30 characters in 30 days or something (or places, scenes, inventions, disasters, etc). Then when I'm done farting around I may actually write something useful...


  1. Don't procrastinate! Write something useful now...


  2. I know, I know...
    But I need to work on this silly stuff called "taxes" which will be a real pain since I had 3 jobs last year...and one of those was as a contractor which is extra complicated :(
    I'll try to get something going this weekend tho (3-day weekend...mostly doing taxes but I hope to ski 1 day)

  3. Taxes won't take that long. And you have until April 15th to do them...

    Get writing!

  4. keeping up with yourself is the hardest race to try to pull yourself back from

  5. Here is a quick writing project for you:

    Come and play 6 word memoir! (See my latest posting for more details...)

  6. I kinda need to do taxes sooner because of the contract work I did requires some kind of state filing (which I was already supposed to do)


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