Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Plot Idea #33

Free Plot Idea #33

I was thinking about what would happen if Barak Obama suddenly announced that they were expecting a baby. I did the math, and then realized that the baby would probably be born around election day.

Apparently a baby has only been born once before by a President in Office, Ester Cleveland in 1893. Now of course a baby being born Nov. 4, 2008 wouldn't count as a "Whitehouse Baby" but I think it would make for a very interesting campaign. I can just see him saying, "my first job upon being elected Leader of the Free World is to do something no other President has done in over 100 years: install a nursery."

This just brings up a plethora of plot points and situations. First of course there's the whole juggling work and family. Midnight bottle feedings for the Pres? Holding a news conference & baby at the same time? What if something dreadful happened to the Mrs. and he became an only father AND President? Or she leaves him. (Not to mention the needs of the existing kids)

And to cap things off, there could be a Lindbergh-style kidnapping plot, perhaps by Terrorists (or political rivals) seeking to destroy his life. The entire nation would be riveted by the plot, almost to the point of turning into a civil war with accusations and finger-pointing.

Hmm...what if it turns out to be the estranged wife all along? (or a jealous lover of some kind) I was reading a little about Grover Cleveland. Apparently he married a 21-yo women IN OFFICE and then had the baby. He was a draft-dodger during the Civil War (paid the gov't to NOT serve) and also apparently had an illegitimate child at some point along the way. He also lost an election after getting the majority of votes (like Gore in 2000).

Anyways, that's my idea...feel free to use it...just let me know if you do. ;)

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  1. I'd be happy if he got elected, no matter how many children he has, or under what circumstances!


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