Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hawk Walk 5K RR--I suck

Hawk Walk 5K RR--I suck

Well I guess I could make a lot of excuses, like how my back killed my training, my heels are dying, I've gained too much weight and I'm getting old. But the reality is that I just suck. Last year I had a miraculous streak where all I did was break personal records, and now I run my slowest 5K in 16 months.

Now everything is a struggle. I hope I can push through all this because it was the continual improvement that kept me going. I just had no energy after the first mile, and I couldn't even get my HR up at all. I just had nothing. I'm wondering if I'm fighting a cold or something.

The run is on a trail along the Sammamish River that I use a lot for long runs so I was really familiar with it. It was sunny but cool, maybe not even 50 at the start.

Here are the unhappy totals:
Mile Pace HR
1 9:40 162

2 10:18 171
3 10:34 174

.1 9:14 180

So the final total: Time: 31:21

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