Friday, January 11, 2008

Top 10 Things NOT to do during an interview

Top 10 Things NOT to do during an interview

I've been starting to conduct interviews at my company, including some women. I've come with a list for the ladies of things that will definitely earn you a bad rating:
  1. Chew gum
  2. Paint nails
  3. Argue with me (unless you're absolutely sure I'm wrong...and can prove it...that's bonus points!)
  4. Cry (I'm not that bad)
  5. Give birth (being preggers is fine)
  6. Try to bribe me (you can't afford me)
  7. Try to seduce me (umm...well it's OK to try...still won't get you hired)
  8. Bad gas attack
  9. Not knowing the difference between the final keyword in Java and the const keyword in C. That's bad mmmkay?
  10. Challenge me to arm wrestling (and hurts my tender man-feelings)
Well I hope you've all learned something. Now go out there and give them hell!


  1. How many of these things have actually happened during an interview?

  2. The arguing definitely...crying almost...have had some really frustrated people...and sometimes #9 too.

    The other stuff I just made up...but would be funny if they happened. ;)

  3. ...Funny Things NOT to do;)
    I will remember when you will interview me:)

    Have a nice week end!

  4. I conducted a phone interview the other day. The (male) interviewee did NOT describe the final keyword to my satisfaction...and didn't get the job.


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