Thursday, November 18, 2010

My NaNoWriMo Cover

My NaNoWriMo Cover

Part of the fun of NaNoWriMo is imagining what your cover would like like. Heck, what’s the title of your story? I’ve gone through a few variations so far such as “The Bed Detective” and “Big Woman Detective”. There’s a phrase that keeps coming up in my story. “Dead Air.” I ran it through Lulu’s Title Scorer and it earned a whopping 77% likelihood of being a best-seller. (Steam Palace ranked like 33%. D’ooh!).

After today I’m taking a brief hiatus from NaNo to participate in SteamCon. I really hope I have a couple minutes of downtime to write maybe a couple hundred words here and there, but I’m not planning on it. I’m at 39K today and I’ll be well over 40K by lunch. Then on Monday it’s the race to the finish, my goal being 60-65K.

Now, without further ado, let me present the cover of my NaNoWriMo 2010 book Dead Air:


I’m hoping that looks a bit ominous and not serene. I played with the image to wash out the colors even more and make it really drab. The image had absolutely nothing to do with the story but it’s more about the mood.


  1. I like the title but the cover's drab look is not to my liking. But it certainly conveys the mood, creepy too..

    My tentative title is A fiery love. No covers yet.

  2. Excellent title, and I do like the cover. Not serene at all. Mystic, sorta.

    Good luck with SteamCon. Sounds like fun. So awesome you're so close to finishing. Bravo.

    I've been trying to post on comment on since the last post but my internet has been spotty.

    My comment - which I probably should have e-mailed - is:


    For days. I finally had to go listen to it on U-tube several times. Its mostly gone now.

    Maybe just one more listen. Piano Man, then MY LIFE.

    Back to work now.

    Have a great time at the conference.


  3. Been out of town a few days, now just catching up. ;)

    @Myne: I actually drabbed it up a bit...yours sounds fun.

    @Donna: Here's the line Donna's referring to:
    “Sing me a song old piano man, I do not recall how it doth go, but it is sad and sweet da da da da, when something something something.”
    Now it's stuck in everyone's head. MWaahahhahah!

    @Domey: Thanks!


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