Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If I Were a Writer...

If I Were a Writer...

I'd write in the morning.
I'd write in the evening, all over this land.
I'd write out danger, I'd write out warning!
I'd write out love between my sisters and my brothers
All over this land!

Peter, Paul and Mary 
(Original song "If I had a hammer" by Pete Seeger)

Seriously, though...if I was a writer, I'd spend my days reading lots of books, fiction and non, critiquing other people's work, sending out manuscripts (and receiving rejection letters), editing, working out, and drinking lots of beer.

Now if I could just get paid for all that I'd be set...


  1. I hear ya. Sounds like a good way to pass the time to me!

  2. If I were a writer,
    And you were a lady,
    Would you marry me anyway,
    Would you have my baby?


  3. It is a song by Johnny Cash, you philistine...


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